Chicago With Kids

This summer we decided to take our kids to Chicago and show them everything that this amazing city has to offer. If you are planning to go in the future, make sure to keep reading to see our Chicago with kids activity list ❤️.

DIY Sensory Bottles

My daughter’s school teacher recommended that we use a sensory bottle to help her sit for longer periods of time. We decided to turn it into a project and make our own. These are amazing to help kids calm down and regulate emotions, plus they are so cool to look at.

Lunar Rocks

We made lunar rocks in honor of the rocket ship launch that will happen hopefully this week! Did you know that NASA astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin brought rocks and dirt back from their lunar expedition? Today we made our home-made version

Copy the drawing!

Fun game to play with all the family! You only need two crayons, tape and paper – play with used paper you have lying around and are planning to throw out.

Personalize your Tie Dye!

Personalize your Tie Dye! Today we decided to dive into the tie dye trend! We bought the @Tulipcolorcrafts tie-dye party kit and we loved it because of how easy it was to use.

Rainbow flowers!

We loved watching the flowers changing colors with this experiment! It takes just a few minutes to set up. The flowers will start changing colors gradually and by the next day they should have completely adopted a new color.⁠