Have fun with letter sounds!

Super fun activity to practice letter sounds!

If your kids like water beads you have to try this activity πŸ’œ. It is perfect to practice letter sounds with an added sensory component.

You need:
βœ… Water beads
βœ… Bottle cups
βœ… Labels
βœ… Phonics Fun (-UG) worksheet (template ready to download below)

βœ”οΈAdd water to the water beads for them to grow.
βœ”οΈ In the meantime, choose 3-letter words with the same termination. Write the words down omitting the first letter and draw a picture of the word next to it.
βœ”οΈ Label the bottle cups with the missing letter from the word and hide them in the water beads.
βœ”οΈ Ask your child to look for the letters and to place them next to the correct picture to create the word.

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