DIY Marbled Thankful Rocks


“DIY Marbled Thankful Rocks” are an amazing way to teach your kids about gratefulness and kindness. You can use different colors of paint for different holidays and you can use the rocks to decorate.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

I really love activities that reinforce the values of kindness in our kids, and recognizing what makes them happy is incredible for them. With this simple exercise you are teaching your kids to examine themselves and be mindful of their feelings – that is an amazing skill! 

⭐For this activity you need:


✔️Nail polish


✔️Acrylic markers

✅Wash and dry the rocks

✅Fill half of a container with water and pour in different colors of nail polish.

✅Dip the rock in the water to marbelize it and let it dry.

✅With an acrylic marker, write something that you are thankful for.

✅You can use the rock to decorate, or leave them in a special place in the garden that kids can always go back to and remember the things they are grateful for ❤️.

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