How To Handle Integrative Health And Wellness: Ety Levi Tells Us How To Stay Healthy At Home

Ety Levi
Integrative Health & Wellness Coach

“I don’t tell people what to do, I create a partnership to design goals and to create their very own path to wellness.”

Ety Levi

Ety Levi is an integrative health coach graduated from Duke University. She helps people adopt and maintain healthy lifestyle habits in nutrition, exercise, sleep, mind, body and much more!

Why do you think integrative health is important?

It is important because integrative health focusses on the person as a whole individual, so it looks at all the areas that influence your health and wellness – not only the physical part but also the psychological and behavioral factors that affect your life.

What tips can you give us to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

Change your clothes! Especially now that we shouldn’t leave the house, it is very important to have a routine. So to start the day I recommend to change your clothes! It is such an easy change, but it is so important. Don’t stay in your pajamas the whole day… you don’t have to dress fancy and do a whole make up, but change your clothes.

Exercise! Also, it is very important to move and do some exercise. There are many online routines that you can follow even if you have kids. Do some Zumba or just dance! It is very important to keep your body in movement. It will make you feel better, even if you have to push yourself a little bit to do it. You will see how good you will feel afterwards.

What do you think is a common mistake moms make with respect to their own health?

Don’t forget to block some ME time! I think that we are so focused in everyone else that sometimes we forget about ourselves! We need to have a little ME time, even if that means to wake up a little bit earlier in the morning. If you have older kids and you can leave them for a few minutes doing an activity, go into another room and take a few minutes to meditate, drink a cup of tea or enjoy your coffee. Take a few minutes to do whatever makes you feel good. You are going to feel more relaxed and better. It’s amazing!

Any last tips on how to balance life at home with kids during this time?

Appreciate the time with your kids! Be very patient and know that this is going to pass – it’s not going to last forever! We have to look at the good side and spend time with our kids. Try to do fun activities with them, like cooking or doing an experiment. Remember that even if right now it feels like this will never end, one day life will go back to normal and we would go back to our regular routines. So, enjoy your kids during this time with them, play and bond with them as much as you can! (Without forgetting to save a little bit of time your yourself.)

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